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Life on the Inside

Lassie lived her life on the outside until 2008. She moved inside on Friday, March 14  as a senior citizen. For the first time in her life she saw what happened after people she loved went Inside, the place she’d always wanted to go. Her favorite thing in life was just being with her people.

Life was so cushy on the Inside that the thick, red, sore, calluses on her elbows started to disappear. She wasn’t even cold, though her coat had been shaved off, falling to the floor in large chunks
a four-hour ordeal revealing sore flaky skin. One who saw a picture of her said she looked like a goat, but her new mom thought she was lovely. Lassie had already moved Inside her heart.

Lassie loves "company." She has met people from other countries who came to visit, never experiencing a language barrier. She especially enjoys "the relatives." They come for weddings, holidays, vacations, or just because. She makes sure each guest is politely welcomed every time she sees them. She lets company hold her leash on walks to the fields where she frolics with her doggie friend and her mom. Outside is where she goes for long walks and playing with her outside toys
she doesn’t live there anymore. Christmas was especially nice on the inside, so nice that she can be seen smiling on the December page of the NorthEast Ohio Collie Rescue 2009 calendar with her doggie, and kitty friends (see

Christmas was a cuddly day of love, laughter, family, and gifts, all on the Inside. She’d always wondered why people went away from her
to the inside. She has decided she likes to be wherever her people are, and Christmas on the inside is better than Christmas on the outside, alone.

Lassie has also experienced being "company." She has traveled to Florida to visit the relatives. Her new mom wouldn’t think of traveling without her and her doggie friend. She put on her best manners, like she does every day. She was a NEOCR ambassador quickly winning the hearts of the neighbors and the relatives.

This summer Lassie will be 10 years old. She has completed her first year on the inside. Her opinion is, life on the Inside is much better than life on the outside. Her mom agrees! Oh, by the way, her coat is back
long, luxurious, sweet smelling, and tangle free. Lassie truly is a beautiful Calendar Girl! This is the opinion of everyone who sees her, not just her mom.  

Lassie in 2008

                       Lassie now!

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