Available Dogs

Rusty, smooth collie up for adoption.

Meet Rusty

Rusty is a friendly and loving smooth collie. He is estimated to be approximately 2 years old and gets along with other dogs. He is likely great with kids, but he is active; so he would probably be better with older children and not toddlers.

Rusty is active like most young dogs and will need plenty of exercise. He would do best in a fenced yard and with one or more dogs to give him an opportunity to play.

Rusty was recently neutered and his  marking inside is subsiding. We are working on housebreaking. Overall, he is very smart and is very cuddly — loves to put his paws on your lap and just be petted. (He is enjoying a lot of attention after being tied out to a doghouse in his previous life.)

Meet Clarence

[Note: This is a courtesy cross-posting]

Hello! Clarence here! I’m a collie mix, and I am being cared for by Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. You can learn more about my wonderful personality and adoption opportunity by following this link.