Terms and Conditions of Fostering

Please Read Carefully

By entering my/our Applicant Name(s) at the bottom of this application, I/We affirm that all of the application information provided below is true and complete. I/We further affirm that I/we have not attempted to intentionally mislead NorthEast Ohio Collie Rescue, Inc, that I have never been convicted of cruelty or the inhumane treatment of animals, and that I am not presently engaged in the sale of animals to dealers, pet stores, or research facilities.

The task of providing a foster home is both challenging and rewarding although it is seldom ever easy. The dogs that you will be asked to foster will come from a variety of sources. They may come to us from animal shelters, previous owners, picked up as strays, or rescued from unsavory conditions. Their health and temperaments will vary according to their particular circumstances. While routine veterinary care, medication, and shelter adoption fees are paid by NEOCR, you may be asked to provide food for the foster dog. If supplying food represents a hardship, we can furnish the food to you as supplies last. It is our belief that the rewards of restoring the faith, health, and temperament of a Collie will more than compensate the foster home for their efforts.

As a foster home for NEOCR you will be asked to provide the following:

  1. You will be asked to provide a safe, secure and stable environment for the foster dog. Whether the dog is kept in a kennel or preferably, in the home, you are expected to take the necessary and prudent steps to insure that the dog cannot be lost, injured or stolen while in your care.
  2. You will be asked to provide food and fresh water for your foster dog and dispense, as directed by the examining veterinarian, any medication which the dog requires.
  3. You will be asked to provide a clean, dry and safe place for the dog to sleep.
  4. You will provide for daily exercise and opportunities for the dog to relieve itself in an appropriate manner and to that end, to establish a routine consistent with house training of the dog.
  5. You will be asked to provide for adequate opportunities for socialization with adults, children, as well as other dogs and animals. Understanding that this socialization is to always be closely supervised by the foster person and under no circumstances are the safety of other people or animals to be jeopardized in this pursuit.
  6. You will be asked to provide for rudimentary training of the dog to help it fit into the new household; to evaluate the level of training; to document and attempt to correct any inappropriate habits or behaviors; to evaluate and document the temperament of the dog.
  7. You will be asked to monitor the health of the dog and to report any problems that you may observe; to dispense medication as prescribed; and to take steps to minimize the exposure to diseases and parasites both internal and external.
  8. You will be asked to provide for EMERGENCY veterinary care if needed. Emergency shall be considered a condition which is life threatening. Reimbursement will be made as funds allow.
  9. You will be asked to ensure that the dog is always clean and properly groomed as appropriate for the breed; to keep the coat free of mats and nails properly trimmed. Assistance will be given in this regard if needed.
  10. You will be asked to always keep in mind that as a foster home you are representing both the breed and the organization and that you are a steward of both the good work and good will that we attempt to achieve. To that end we ask that you always conduct yourself and present your foster dog in a way to present a positive impression of both the breed and the organization.

NEOCR will be responsible for:

  1. Adoption fees, initial veterinary examination and treatment, spay or neuter costs, immunization, prescribed medications, heartworm test and fecal exam. Where conditions demand, dental work may also be approved.
  2. Providing assistance to foster homes in caring for and evaluating the foster dog as well as locating the best possible permanent home for the dog.

NEOCR is not responsible for:

  1. The health of any permanent pets in the foster household. While every attempt is made to assure the health of the dog before placing it into a foster home, NEOCR cannot guarantee that all foster dogs will be free of disease or parasites. It is up to the foster home to assure that any permanent pets are up to date on immunizations, tested regularly for parasites, and that suitable standards of hygiene are observed.
  2. Injuries to family members or property. It is to be understood before accepting the responsibilities of foster home that because of the diverse range of health and temperament of the dogs we rescue, there is a certain amount of risk involved. While every attempt is made to screen out aggressive or dangerous dogs, we cannot do so with absolute certainty. If at any time during the foster care of a dog it becomes apparent that the safety of the family is in jeopardy it is imperative that NEOCR be advised and the dog removed from the household.

If you agree to all the above conditions, please proceed and complete the Foster  Application.

NorthEast Ohio Collie Rescue Foster Application

To be considered as a foster home applicant for NorthEast Ohio Collie Rescue, Inc., please provide the following information.

Northeast Ohio Collie Rescue

PO Box 1594, Elyria, OH 44036-1594

(216) 213-6197