NorthEast Ohio Collie Rescue FAQs



How do you get the dogs that are available for adoption?

Our rescued collies and collie mixes come from many different places. We work closely with a variety of shelters and humane societies as well as directly with individuals who may need to find another home for their pet due to:

  • Lack of time
  • Moving      
  • Allergies
  • Divorce
  • Job loss
  • Death      

Regardless of the reason a dog comes into NEOCR, our goal is to find it the best possible permanent home.

What is your adoption fee?

Upon placement, we ask for an adoption fee of $300 for a collie or $250 for mixed-breed or senior dogs (8+ years old). Many of the dogs that come into rescue require medical attention or grooming. The adoption fee helps defray those costs, some of which can be substantial. Our goal is to make sure that the rescues we work with are as healthy as possible before making them available for adoption.

Are adoption fees refundable?

We cannot give refunds of the adoption fee after 30 days. If the collie is returned (without a replacement) after 30 days, you may consider the adoption fee as a charitable donation, for which we will provide you with an acknowledgement that can be used for tax purposes.

What happens if my new collie just isn't a good fit for my family?

If a problem arises after the adoption and you can no longer keep the collie for any reason, you can return the collie to us. If it is a compatibility issue between the particular collie and your family, we may offer to allow you to try another collie that might be more suitable. NEOCR will always take back any collie that we have placed as our primary concern is for the well-being of the collies that we place.

What can I expect at a home visit?

A home visit is a low-key opportunity for us to get to know you and your family better to ensure that any collie we place with you will be the best fit possible. The NEOCR volunteer who visits with you will ask you questions about previous pets, what kind of dog personality you’re looking for, how the dog will be expected to interact with you and your family, where the dog will spend its time, and what type of outdoor space you have. Not having a fenced-in yard will not disqualify you from adopting a collie; however, we reserve the right to determine which of our rescues who are especially energetic or young may be placed only in a home that does have a fenced-in yard. A home visit is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about NEOCR, the specifics of how rescue works, and of course about the collie breed!

Why do you do a vet check?

Conducting a vet check involves making a phone call to the vet contact you provide on your application form to ensure that any previous animals under your care received appropriate medical attention. 

What if you don’t have a dog for me right now?

There’s no way to predict how quickly we may have a dog that meets the description of what you’re seeking. We will be happy to retain your paperwork and you are, of course, welcome to follow-up with us periodically (as well as to check the NEOCR website) so that we can match you with a new “furever” friend. For individuals seeking a puppy the wait can be long as these dogs are in great demand. Individuals and families interested in adopting an older dog may be matched more quickly. 

Please understand we are an all-volunteer organization and have many families waiting to bring a collie into their homes. Most of our volunteers have full time jobs, children, pets and families of their own. All applicants are added to our wait list and will be contacted when we have a dog that matches the application.

What if I don’t want to adopt a dog but am interested in fostering a dog?

We are always looking for new foster homes (because sometimes our foster homes turn into permanent placements)! As a foster home you would give the same love and care to your collie. You would be expected to pay for food, treats, and grooming; NEOCR would cover medical care.