What is a Collie?

 The following are excerpts from the official Collie standard as adopted by the A.K.C.


General Character — The Collie is a lithe, strong, responsive, active dog, carrying no useless timber, standing naturally straight and firm. The deep, moderately wide chest shows strength, the sloping shoulders and well bent hocks indicate speed and grace, and the face shows high intelligence. The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole. Timidity, frailness, sullenness, viciousness, lack of animation, cumbersome appearance and lack of overall balance impair the general character.


Appearance — The Collie comes in two varieties, either the rough coated or smooth coated variety. The rough coated Collie carries a long and abundant coat over it’s entire body with the exception of the head and legs. The smooth coated variety carries a short, hard, dense, flat coat of good texture. Both varieties are double coated, with an undercoat that is soft, furry, and so close together that it is difficult to see the  skin when the hair is parted.

Breed Information

The Collie Club of America provides extensive information about the breed, legislative updates, show dates, information for judges and breeders, and much more. 


The American Working Collie Association is dedicated to promoting the working ability of the collie.  Includes information about herding, versatility, and other activities. 

Collie Rescue Organizations

Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio, Inc. (AHDRO), was formed in December of 2003. AHRO's mission is to provide homeless collies and other "family friendly" dogs a safe haven where they will receive medical care, nutrition and love until an approved home is found.  

Collie Rescue Network of Ontario, Canada, is a national rescue for Rough and Smooth Collies. They are an all-volunteer group who are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing Collies who have been abandoned, surrendered, neglected or abused.   

NorCal Collie Rescue is a nonprofit corporation founded by collie lovers who are dedicated to taking responsibility for each and every collie. The group's volunteers take in and re-home collies in California north of the Tehachapis. 

Tri-County Collie Rescue of Michigan (TCCR) is dedicated to rescuing lost or abandoned purebred rough and smooth collies.   

Established in 1989, Tri State Collie Rescue is a group of concerned volunteers who seek to promote the welfare of the Collie breed. This is accomplished through our networking and coordinating efforts with various rescue organizations, dog shelters, humane societies, and members of the communities. 

Sites Related to Collies

The  Collie Health Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit organization devoted exclusively to Collie health. This site includes an overview of the workings of the Foundation, its history, its mission, the latest updates on Grant Funding, and information about health issues that affect the Collie. 

View color photographs of Sunnybank as it exists today.  Learn about the life and work of author Albert Payson Terhune and see photographs of his famous Sunnybank Collies.  This site includes excerpts of Terhune’s books, information about the annual Gathering at Sunnybank that takes place in August, and links to many other related sites.     

Fans of the original Lassie television series and movies will want to check out the wealth of Lassie trivia as well as the Lassie collectible items.  Includes a list of frequently asked questions and instruction on how to join the Lassie fan club! 

Animal Welfare

Adopt-a-Pet promotes dog adoption, cat adoption and more. "Adoption is the loving option...consider adoption before buying a dog from a dog breeder or pet store." 

Petfinder is an online, searchable database of animals who need homes. It is also a directory of nearly 11,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.